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Java 1.4.2_02/Red Hat Enterprise WS 3.0 question

pierre gauthier
Occasional Contributor

Java 1.4.2_02/Red Hat Enterprise WS 3.0 question

I have written a Java application
using JDK 1.4.2_02 on my HP XW4100 workstation
running Red Hat Enterprise WS 3.0. The
application uses pure swing components with
no external third-party classes.

For some reasons, the application freezes
randomly when resizing the window or performing
other operations on the GUI I wrote.
When the application freezes, the CPU usage
gets around 95%. There's no computation loop
in my application I know of that could get into
in endless loop. I used JBuilder to create the
application. JBuilder itself is a Java application and runs fine. I see the problem
when running from JBuilder or outside JBuilder.

Any suggestions how to track down this problem
would be appreciated.
Honored Contributor

Re: Java 1.4.2_02/Red Hat Enterprise WS 3.0 question

Hi ,

What is the memory utilization at the time ?.

If the CPU utilization is only affected then upgrade to JDK version 1.4.2_04.



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pierre gauthier
Occasional Contributor

Re: Java 1.4.2_02/Red Hat Enterprise WS 3.0 question

Thanks for your help.

The memory usage is not a problem.
Only CPU utilization.

I will try 1.4.2_04.
Rick Beldin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Java 1.4.2_02/Red Hat Enterprise WS 3.0 question

Either the JVM is going through some internal computations, or Swing is likely to be doing some X-related things necessary to re-layout the interface. Depending on the interface, this could be really inefficient.

As for isolation:

- xscope / xmon would tell you whether the app is generating lots of X-protocol during the times of high CPU

- simplyfing the Java app until the problem appears disappears.
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