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Jbod model and IO slot informations

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Jbod model and IO slot informations

Hi Experts ,

Can you help me to get the follwing informations on HPUX

Storage information:

· Internal and external (storage array, jbod model, type, if available slots for addtn'l drives, etc.)

I/O slots (Free/occupied) and cards
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Re: Jbod model and IO slot informations

This is not something easily obtained via the O/S unless you already know the HW being used. This is because the command sets are many and varied. Best thing to do is to phyically inspect the HW itself in order to get the jbod information.

Some information can be obtained via 'ioscan'. For example, 'ioscan -fnk' will provide a complete listing of every device. While 'ioscan -funC disk' will provide disk information and 'ioscan -funC ctl' controller information.

As far as available slot types go, this depends upon you SCSI bus architecture. And again, I'm assuming SCSI bus and not fiber. But you'll have to confirm this via 'ioscan'.

If SCSI then you'll have 8 targets. Basically. Again, depends on the BUS. Target 7 on the bus is reserved for the controller. Then targets 6 5 4 3 2 1 and 0 decend in I/O through put (* reads and writes *) priority. So 7 has the highest priority and 0 has the lowest. For example, disk device paths in ioscan will look like this is JBOD,

c0t4d0, etc.

Paste in your ioscan for a look see and go review your HW writting down any model numbers or serial numbers.
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Re: Jbod model and IO slot informations

Paste the 'ioscan -kfn' output to check the different devices connectd to server and the slots, mention the server model.