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Kernel 2.6.5


Has someone a working .config for a Proliant DL 140 and kernel 2.6.X or lower

I have everything almost at work except for the network. I have choose the bcm5700 module and it load without problems, but the network won't com up. I must missing some kernel setting.

So if someone is willing to share his .config file...

Mark Grant
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Re: Kernel 2.6.5


Nice idea, but I wouldn't start using other peoples .config file if I were you. You could get yourself in all sorts of problems. Allthough the hardware might be the same, there are so many other things that might be different you might seriously break something.

Lets try and resolve your networking issue instead :)

THe network module loads fine. Does "ifconfig -a" show you your network interface? If it does, you only need to configure it properly. Make sure tcp/ip is set up correctly (ping localhost). There are lots of things to try. Give us more information!
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Jerome Fenal_1
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Re: Kernel 2.6.5

Try using the tg3 driver which should be included in stock 2.6.6.
This one is the community backed driver, compared to the one by broadcomm or whatever their new name is, which is considered, to say gently, to be a little too fat.
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Re: Kernel 2.6.5

I have tried the stock tg3 and the bcm5700, they load fine, but nothing with works there is no eth0 or eth1 with ifconfig.
Just a error that they dit not get a DHCP address.

I also have activated the Serverworks chipset in the kernel config.

The idee of asking a "working" .config is to see what other people uses with sutch machine an learn from them not blindly to use it.

Emmanuel HANKENNE_2
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Re: Kernel 2.6.5

Hello Patrick,

You should indeed try to address the network issue first. If everything works but the network, try first to understand what does not work. Maybe you DHCP server is not working fine... as simple as this.

0. Can you do a "ifconfig eth0" without getting an error but status of the card?
1. Does "dmesg3 output reports activities with network interfaces?
# dmesg | grep eth
2. Can you stop the network service then restart it without getting an error?
On RH: service network restart
Debian: /etc/init.d/networking restart
Maybe you dhclient/pump binary is not installed, wich means the system is unable to perform a DHCP request.
3. Is the command "ping" working fine without giving errors?

If you are running RedHat, you might send us a "sysreport" output to let us help you.

Hope it helps a bit.