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Kernel Panic

Frequent Advisor

Kernel Panic

Hi dear ITRC members.

I have some problems with my Blade Servers.
I have 8 BL25p & 8 Bl45p servers. I've installed RHEL4 on them.
The problem is that when I reboot the servers, I randomly get a kernel panic message on them. Usually 5 or 6 of the servers get kernel panic.
I've captured an image showing 5 servers. On of them does not have panic but an strange problem.

Please help me.
Best Regards.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Kernel Panic

The most relevant message that I would start troubleshooting is:


Edit /etc/sysconfig/selinux and set:


Reboot the server.
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Re: Kernel Panic

Hi dear members.

I solved the problem.
If you probably installed RHEL4 U4, do not install psp 7.8. Instead install the 7.7 version. You may get strange logs about memory like this.
ay 1 15:39:40 MYSERVER kernel: Node 3 DMA per-cpu: empty
May 1 15:39:40 MYSERVER kernel: Node 3 Normal per-cpu:
May 1 15:39:40 MYSERVER kernel: cpu 0 hot: low 32, high 96, batch 16
May 1 15:39:40 MYSERVER kernel: cpu 0 cold: low 0, high 32, batch 16

This is an issue by psp 7.7. All you need is to install the new ilo driver
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Re: Kernel Panic

You can see the solution.