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Kernel Setting for Informix

Patrick Chim
Trusted Contributor

Kernel Setting for Informix


My HP System are running Informix Dynamic Server 7.31.UC6A with HP-UX 11.0. Does anyone know or there is any document about the kernel setting which need to set to best run the Informix ??

Thank you for your great help !

Patrick :>
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Kernel Setting for Informix



Here are some documents to help guide you in measuring and determining where (CPU, memory, I/O) performance is poor.

Document #KBRC00000947 (System Performance Tuning Guide)

Document #S3100002312A, S3100002312B, and S3100002312 (Sys Adm: determining the cause of system performance problems).

To understand the tunable kernel parameters you can change to alter performance, see:

And, for some some tips for using individual kernel parameters, see document #KNC061098001 (SYS ADM: HP-UX kernel variables and performance tuning).

The 'glance' performance monitor is a superb realtime tool to use for performance monitoring. It is available on a trial basis from the Application CDROM(s) and is worth its permanent license fee.