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Kernel for N-Class: 8GB RAM 4CPUs 64-bit 11.0

Bashar Hajhamad
Occasional Contributor

Kernel for N-Class: 8GB RAM 4CPUs 64-bit 11.0

WHat are the best settings for hp-ux 11.0 kenel to run Informix 7.3x engine?

(n-class, Infomrix 64-bit 7.3 Engine, 8 GB RAM, Array raw fs for db, Baan, 4CPUs)

Your input is greatly appreciated.
Dan Hetzel
Honored Contributor

Re: Kernel for N-Class: 8GB RAM 4CPUs 64-bit 11.0

Hi Bashar,

As I'm not running Baan or Informix, it's difficult to give you accurate figures.
We run Oracle/SAP and it could be misleading to suggest you the same kernel parameters as we have here.

The best source for you will definitely be the Informix and Baan installation manuals as they will give you all required settings for HP-UX.

Best regards,

Everybody knows at least one thing worth sharing --
Steven Sim Kok Leong
Honored Contributor

Re: Kernel for N-Class: 8GB RAM 4CPUs 64-bit 11.0


Alike Oracle, there will be a set of recommended OS kernel parameter values listed in the Installation Manual.

For a start, you should implement in accordance with the recommended set of values and subsequently finetune your kernel parameters based on your database environment.

For example, if you are running are not running an multi-threaded database server, you would want to finetune nproc (the number of processes) to align with the number of database connections to your server. Other parameters that you would need finetuning would include all the shared memory (shmXXX), semaphore (semXXX), nfile, maxfile, dbc_max_pct, dbc_min_pct etc.

Most importantly, please take note that other than kernel parameters, network parameters are equally important to be finetuned such as tcp_max_conn_request (maximum connection requests that your server will serve) and tcp_keepalive_interval (duration before your server sends a probe to identify if your client is alive and if not, terminate that partciular connection) etc.

Hope this helps. Regards.

Steven Sim Kok Leong.
Brainbench MVP for Unix Admin
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