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Keyboard Manager (again)

Nathan Schaufler
Occasional Contributor

Keyboard Manager (again)

i tried the link
in Netscape and didn't work... i need to know where i can download a new Keyboard Manager... im runnin Win 98 (first edition) on HP Pavilon, w/ a Cox@Home modem, so (file) size doesn't matter.
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: Keyboard Manager (again)

Hello Nathan,

I can't give you a link to download Keyboard Manager because you didn't mention what model Pavilion you have.

Since your issue is Pavilion related, please contact the Pavilion support group at the phone number listed in your user manual, or try posting a message in their forum at:

Or, since all you need is the driver, try going to the HP home page and then click on Drivers. Then just put in your model number, etc and search for the driver for it. It's pretty easy to find if you plug in your model number.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes