LC2000+NetRAID and Linux

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Igor I. Shulz
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LC2000+NetRAID and Linux

I'd like to know is RAID controller NetRAID-1Si supported by Linux.


Miguel Rodriguez_1
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Re: LC2000+NetRAID and Linux

In this page:

You can download this pdf

It says that "Drivers supported (on NetRaid 1si): Netware for Small Business 4.2, Netware 4.2, Netware 5.0, NT 4.0 for Small Business, NT 4.0, NT
4.0 Enterprise, NT 4.0 Enterprise WMSCS, NT 4.0 Terminal Server, Open Server 5.0.5 UP & SMP, UNIXWare 7, LINUX 6.0, Warp Server SMP 4.0

The NetServer LC2000 is also supported on RedHat 6.0.

AJ Hettema
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Re: LC2000+NetRAID and Linux

If you want to get updated drivers or more documentation for this card, try the AMI site ( The HP NetRAID cards are using this driver, and AMI is developing they're own drivers (source).
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