LC3 SCSI RAID -- Linux Password Recovery

Trevor Ahern
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LC3 SCSI RAID -- Linux Password Recovery

I've managed to dig up an old server that's been out of service for about 12 months, and want to get into the NT Server OS on it, to be sure I can erase it's current data. Only problem is, don't know the password. Using the linux PW Recovery tool (provided : ), I can't seem to see the drive that NT is on. I'm able to load the AIC7xxx Driver for the scsi, but, no drive viewable to load into.

Any ideas?
Steven E. Protter
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Re: LC3 SCSI RAID -- Linux Password Recovery

All you should have to do is the following:

Get the server cd from the HP website that allwos you to set up storage. This includes internal drives. Its a bootable, downloadable cd. You boot off of it and prepare any disk attached.

That alone erases it. It also lets you prepare the disk in such a way that Linux can recognize it and use it.

Then boot off the Linux CD and install the OS. Anything that ws there is long gone.

Steven E Protter
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Stuart Browne
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Re: LC3 SCSI RAID -- Linux Password Recovery

If it does have a RAID controller (the LC3's didn't have one by default if memory serves), it'd probably be one of the 'HP NetRAID' series, which uses the 'megaraid' driver.

Insert that module, then try again.
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