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Hanry Zhou
Super Advisor


I've RHL 9, and included all of packages.

I need some knowledge on LDAP from bottom to top, ex,

1. how to check if I have LDAP package installed or not? if not where I can download it, and how to install it.

2. how to configure the LDAP envirnment?

3. if I want to have use hpux as a LDAP agent, how can I achieve that.

Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: LDAP on RHL 9

I have to admit, I don't have much experience using LDAP, but I can answer the first question.

1) rpm -qa "openldap*"

It will list all open LDAP packages installed (you only need the one. don't need the devel etc.).

2) I'd start by reading the documentation that came with it (rpm -qd openldap), which will be a whole swag of stuff in /usr/share/doc/openldap-*/. After that, look for the LDAP-HOWTO on (something like

3) Umm.. Can't help you with that one.. Sorry.
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Jerome Henry
Honored Contributor

Re: LDAP on RHL 9

There is also Red Hat set up page on ldap, which may contain what you need :

Try on your HPUX box the commands referenced here, there are good chances that it works the same...

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Honored Contributor

Re: LDAP on RHL 9

Found this one to help you !

Found it worth reading.

Hope it get you rolling

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Honored Contributor

Re: LDAP on RHL 9

If you follow the links in the article of my previous entry you will find the following that explains how to install configure and run LDAP
or more specificaly

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Jean-Pierre Denis
Valued Contributor

Re: LDAP on RHL 9


At you will find the best LDAP tutorial I have seen so far... They have 4 articles and papers related the stting up LDAP.

It's based on Mandrake but will work on RedHat.

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