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LH 5/100 Red Hat 7.2

Paolo Saro
Occasional Visitor

LH 5/100 Red Hat 7.2


I'm trying to install redhat 7.2 on HP netserver LH 5/100 with disk Array.
Linux does not find any drives so the installation aborted.
I've tried the driver provided by HP for RH 7.1 with no luck.

Any ideas?

Kodjo Agbenu
Honored Contributor

Re: LH 5/100 Red Hat 7.2


What is the RAID/SCSI card model in your Netserver ? I would suggest you to flash the BIOS and all firmwares using the latest HP Navigator CD that matches your Netserver model. If this is too old, you can go to :

to download BIOS upgrade for NT 4.0 (I hope it will work well with Linux, but I'm not sure).

Good luck.

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Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: LH 5/100 Red Hat 7.2

Is it a newer NetRAID controller (1si/3si) ? There is an issue using RH7.2 with that controller which has already been covered in the forum (a month ago).

The RH7.2 install just can't select the correct driver to initilise those controllers, and the 7.1DUD for it has the wrong kernel versions for it to work.

I posted a solution for that issue.

If that's it, then *YAY* :) If not, umm.. yea.. model numbers of hardware *nod*
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