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LINUX-versions for 'older' HP-machines ?

Regular Advisor

LINUX-versions for 'older' HP-machines ?

I'm prety experienced with HP-UX but I want to learn to use LINUX a little more.

I have an 'older' HP-workstation HP/APOLLO 425t wich is only capable of running HP-UX until version 9.x. The version 10 wasn't released anymore for the older 4xx and 3xx series workstations.

I was wondering, can I install LINUX on such a 425t machine (equiped with 68xxx processor) ?

Can anybody point me in the right direction or is it not possible ?

Kind regards,
Bryce Dunn
Valued Contributor

Re: LINUX-versions for 'older' HP-machines ?

I'm not sure if the 4xx series is covered but the information that you are lookiing for may be found here: