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Nataly Horner
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LaserJet 2600n in Ubuntu

How do I install the Color LaserJet 2600 with IP in Ubuntu? The printer install assistant does not recognize its IP.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: LaserJet 2600n in Ubuntu


You will probably need to hang the printer off a windows box or at least configure its IP address using the windows box and the Utility CD that HP ships with the printer.

Once you configure the IP address, Ubuntu should be able to work with it via IP. The issue now is probably the printer is not on a compatible network with the ubuntu box.

If in fact the networking is not the issue, make sure the firewall on Ubuntu is shut down, configure the printer and make sure the appropriate ports are open on the firewall for printing before resuming.

Steven E Protter
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Re: LaserJet 2600n in Ubuntu

This printer is a host-based printer, it need the HP's software installed in the computer... but there isn't software for Linux for this printer.

This printer don't have a PCL or PS interpreter built in, so you can't use any PS Linux driver with it as you can do with other LaserJet.

So... as Steven says, you'll need a Windows computer to share the printer or other printer.