Lc 2000 Installation is Freezing

Burt Montague
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Lc 2000 Installation is Freezing

Greetings All.

I am installing Suse 7.0 onto a Lc 2000 with
netraid on it. I have 3 9Gb drives joined in a raid5 setup.

Everything seems to work great til the packages from the cd are being installed.
The installation freezes after a few of the packages have been installed(This has been anywhere from 7 to 129 packages in the installation attempts I have made).
The mouse cursor can be moved around the screen, but no input from the keyboard is recongnized.

I have tried clearing, reformatting, and reinitializing the raid array, but I still get the freeze. I have also tried the installation using Yast1 and Yast2 several times.

I would appreciate it greatly if anyone has any thoughts on this problem.

Thankyou for you help
Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: Lc 2000 Installation is Freezing

Hello Burt,

Make sure that you have read and applied what is described in HP web according to Netserver installing.

You may have a buggy driver, and you probably need to download the HP official driver disk on netserver website :

Uncompress the driver pack, create the boot disks and apply what the readme says.

Good luck.

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