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Linux /BSD on a T520 ?


Linux /BSD on a T520 ?

Is there a port of Linux or BSD that will run on a T520?

We are deimplementing an old T520 soon. I will have a few days to 'play' with it before we pull the plug. I was hoping to try loading Linux or BSD.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Linux /BSD on a T520 ?

Shalom Bob,

Hope you are well.

If a T520 is an old PA-RISC box, there is a possible Linux, though its capabilities are limited.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation

Re: Linux /BSD on a T520 ?

Thanks for the quick reply.

However, I see that the website has a FAQ which states:

"The earliest PA-RISC servers have proprietary HP devices attached to proprietary HP bus architectures. Documentation on these busses and devices will not become available soon since no one in HP is finding, "scrubbing", and releasing the docs. Machines in this category are the F, G, H, I class (aka Nova) and T500 series (Emerald) machines as well as some earlier, unlettered servers."

Doesn't sound promising.
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux /BSD on a T520 ?

According to this, maybe:

If parisc doesn't work for you, and you are patient, you might try gentoo or aurora for parisc boxes (,