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Does HP Surestore DLT tape drives work with redhat (or other linux dists)?

Has anyone compared performance? Recommended backup software?

thanks in advance,
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Re: Linux+DLT=True?

Which HP SureStore DAT and DLT tape drives are certified by ISV's and IHV's for
use on Linux? will typically document any commercial vendors that
support Linux, there are a couple of ISVs that have products available.
An ISV will support a given kernel revision level (for example, 2.0.34) with a
given set of C libraries (for example, older libc vs. new glibc, a.out vs.
ELF format, etc). There are unsupported versions of some products that have
been released on ISV Web sites.

IHVs similarly will document their support on their Web sites, and on Hardware support is typically by one of a number of means:

IHV releases technical specifications to developer communities to
enable them to write drivers.

IHV codes drivers and releases them to Linux community.

IHV blesses standard drivers in the cases of non-specific hardware
(for example, SCSI tape)

HP has found in its testing that the standard tape driver (st) is
compatible with the HP DAT and DLT range and looking at the product support
plan for SURESTORE DLT 80K TAPE DRIVE, Linux (Red Hat 5.2 & 6.0) are mentioned
as a valid O/S's.

I have no details on performance, sorry.
Wolfgang Warner
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Re: Linux+DLT=True?


I run a HP Surestore DLT 40 Tape at an Vectra XA Box an I do network backups for 2 other machines with it. I am using SUSE Linux 6.3 and amanda on this box.

Works ok for doing backups, but I did not have to do major recoveries until now. I managed to get some files back from a backup and I am quite confident that I can have everything restored, but the process is a bit tricky (at least for me)

Regards Wolfgang