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Linux GUI problems on laptop

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T. Bennet
Occasional Advisor

Linux GUI problems on laptop

Has anyone ever had problems booting Linux on an HP Pavilion n3370 notebook?

I just dual booted my notebook HP Pavilion n3370 and had no problem with the dual boot. My problem is when it loads up I don???t have any graphical interface. Just text commands. I tried starting startX and it gave me a Fatal Server Error: no screens found.

I tried configuring my video settings in Xconfigurator without any luck. It find the video card fine Trident CyberBlade, but the monitor settings are difficult. There is no TFT XGA settings listed. I tried the HP LE and LCD monitors, and the custom interlace and noninterlated 1024x768 (per HP???s settings) with no luck.

I also tried X -probeonly and I get this response:

(**) SVGA: 16bpp not supported for this chipset
*** A configured device was found, but display modes could not be resolved.***

Am I missing something, or is this laptop not compatible with RH7.1 It is just over a year old, so I don???t see why it wouldn???t be compatible.
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Mark Fenton
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Linux GUI problems on laptop

Couldn't find references to an N3370, but this config file for XFree86 might work.

uses the same video card anyway,though the screen may be slightly different.


James Wilson_5
Frequent Advisor

Re: Linux GUI problems on laptop

What version of XFree are you running?
The Cyberblade only started working reliably on 4.2.

If you could attach your XF86Config file it would help.
T. Bennet
Occasional Advisor

Re: Linux GUI problems on laptop

That did it! It's funny because there was a generic Cyberblade card for RH7.1 (the same in RH7.3) but it wouldn't work.

I was using 7.1 to teach myself via this book I bought that uses 7.1. There probably isn't that much difference between .1 and .3, right?

Thanks a lot.
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