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Linux Graphic driver for DL140 G3

Mats Genfors
New Member

Linux Graphic driver for DL140 G3


I have tried some linux distributions on my DL140. I have not found any graphics drivers for Ubunto or Fedora.

Anyone know if there's one?


Joakim Brosten
Frequent Advisor

Re: Linux Graphic driver for DL140 G3

Hi Mats,

The DL 140 G3 graphics is "Integrated in the ServerEngines Pilot controller" according to Service and Maintenance Guide.

In SuSE distr. you can run "sax2 -p" to see what the system is configured for. You can also issue "hwinfo --gfxcard" on most distributions to get an report on the hardware discovered.

Often, I find that the graphic is found and configured OK, but you have to set up the display, (resolution and sync freqs.)

Good luck, /Joakim
New Member

Re: Linux Graphic driver for DL140 G3

On DL 140 G3 graphics are:

NVIDIA Quadro FX3500 256MB PCIe 435681-B21
NVIDIA Quadro FX1500 256MB PCIe 435703-B21

For x86 32bit:

To search for another driver:
Mats Genfors
New Member

Re: Linux Graphic driver for DL140 G3

Thanks for your help.

The graphics on my DL140 seems to be Matrox G200, that's what's detected.

It has support for other Graphics card through the empty PCIe slot.

Is the cards you suggest the only choice? They seem a bit expensive to put in a server. All i want is basic 2D support with a resolution greater then 640x480.

Fedora and RedHat detects standard Vesa support and gives me 1024x768 8bit at best.