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Linux HP-IB Driver

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Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

Linux HP-IB Driver

I am trying to locate a driver (download or CD) for an PCI IEEE-488 National Instruments HP-IB interface card (similar to the HP E2078A / 82350B) using Linux via HP 9000/B2000 workstation. If anyone knows of such a driver and where I can obtain it, please reply back.

Cypress Technology Inc
Re-Sellers of HP 9000/3000 Hardware
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux HP-IB Driver

Perhaps, This could help ?

Read on-to.

the paragraphe about National Instruments GPIB on linux

there is an ftp link for the site in the directory /pub/linux/LINUX-LAB/IEEE488.

Is this what you are after ?

Smile I will feel the difference
Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux HP-IB Driver

Thanks Huc.
Paulo A G Fessel
Trusted Contributor

Re: Linux HP-IB Driver

I don't know whether is too late, but check linux-gpib:

I'm pretty sure that this package is not abandoned; actually, it's going through intense development.

Paulo Fessel
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