Linux MIB's

Nikos Tassopoulos
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Linux MIB's

Cheers for your reply in my question on "Mail S/W Failed to work with NNM 6.10
for NT".
Another problem that's been bothering my mind is how to load "mib.txt for
CMU-SNMP for linux v3.5 (Feb 1998)". The case is that we get messages saying:
"error while not parsing a module" and hence, the MIB does not load.
Is there a way to bypass this problem, or should we look for another agent(and
which one should this be)?
Thanks for your time.
Wolfgang Warner
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Re: Linux MIB's


a year ago or so I was trying to get CMU SNMP and tkined to work with our Synoptics Hubs. With MIB.TXT I had some problems since it could not parse the information in the Synoptics MIB properly. I had some success by try to comment part of the MIB. So my proposal would be to comment some of the stuff in a sensible way (you should have some knowledge of MIBs to be able to do that) and tr if CMU SNMP works after that. E.g comment the first half of the mib, if not successfull comment the other half (while uncommenting the first half). Try to circle the problem area in the MIB.TXT