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Linux Mailing Lists


I have a general question to Mailing Lists.

I am member and cannot find out how to post a question there.

How it works normally with postings at mailing lists ?

kind regards
Martin P.J. Zinser
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Re: Linux Mailing Lists

Hello Chris,

usually you just send a email to the listserv that is running the mailing list and this will distribute the mail to all members of the list for you. For large lists this actually may involve the cooperation of various Listservs to reduce the network traffice.

You either should have received a document descirbing the process when you signed up for the list. Also often the SMTP mail headers of mails from mailing lists do contain usefull information (like where to sent mails to, how to unsubscribe etc.). Try to convice your mailprogram to show you full headers for a try.

Greetings, Martin
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Linux Mailing Lists

What? Can't get an answer here?

Most listserv programs use software like majordomo and whatnot. They are as noted above smtp response. The listserv gets an email and if its from a member, sends and email to all members.

In this spam era its not a way to communicate thats so favorable anymore.

Now when it comes to those nice internet newsgroups, its merely a matter of having the right reader and some settings.

For windows, outlook express acts as a newsreader and there are a couple of good ones on, netscape mozilla has one built in as well.

In Suse itself there are newsreaders in mozilla. The next issue is the newsgroup settings. You have to find out from your ISP what their correct settings are(it appears you ahve done so) and punch those into your reader.

Steven E Protter
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Vitaly Karasik_1
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Re: Linux Mailing Lists

are you speaking about maillists?

Every list has autoresponder which prodives help, for example you'll receive help with details by sending email to

And, as far as I understand, you can use address in order to send your message to suse-blinux list.