Linux RedHat 7.3 install on Proliant DL-580

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Linux RedHat 7.3 install on Proliant DL-580

I know linux 7.3 support 16G physical memory from redhat website. But I don't know support how many SMP processor. I don't know how to get the information from redhat website.

Mark Grant
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Re: Linux RedHat 7.3 install on Proliant DL-580

You'll get different figures depending on who you ask too. You can theoretically support 64 processors on 2.4 kernels but it would probably run like a dog.

four processors is probably as far as you get without hitting "diminishing returns" problems. Yes you can get more processors in there but adding the the fifth processor won't be as beneficial as adding the fourth one was and so on. I suspect that scalability is still good enough to 8 processors though.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Linux RedHat 7.3 install on Proliant DL-580

Red Hat 7.3 ships with a smp kernel that suppors multiple processors. It can be chosen by modifying the grub.conf file and chosen as part of the installation proces.

If you already have Red Hat 7.3 installed, you can get it by going to or using the Up2date function and picking the kennel named smp

Don't forget to back up your system first.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Linux RedHat 7.3 install on Proliant DL-580

Your probably better off running Red Hat Advanced Server 3.0. This distribution is designed for Enterprise machines with 4+ processors and large memory configurations.. Without going into too much detail, they take a basic kernel and add in features from the 2.5 development tree which improves performance including I/O and SMP. We are running multiple ML-570's with 6+ processors and 5gig of RAM, these boxes are used for our Oracle development platform.

Hope this helps..

Stuart Browne
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Re: Linux RedHat 7.3 install on Proliant DL-580

I'd agree with Don on this one.

RH 7.3 will have an Enterprise kernel (which supports both largemem, and smp), but it won't be as stable or 'fast' as you'd like.

The RH AS series are designed specifically for both of these conditions, and have been thoroughly tested (although I have heard issues with *LARGE* (8+GB) amounts of memory that have not yet been resolved. Check RH's bugzilla about that).
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Re: Linux RedHat 7.3 install on Proliant DL-580

Thanks all! The version of Linux RedHat 7.3 is assigned by my customer. Although i know the Enterprise verison is better.

Who know how to find the various RedHat OS specification,like support maximum CPU,memory..and so on. Now olny Enterprise version specification is published on redhat website.

Thanks again