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Linux Source Code - I/O devices

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Linux Source Code - I/O devices

Hello Experts,

I am a college graduate and new born to Linux World.

I need to write project description about I/O devices in Linux Source Code.

Can some one help me with the following:

1. Where can I get free Linux Source Code online... appreciate if you can provide me URLs.

2. Is there any web site where Linux Souce explained......

In anticipation for the quick responses!!

Vitaly Karasik_1
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Re: Linux Source Code - I/O devices

We're speaking about kernel code.
The good starting point for kernel newbies is
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Re: Linux Source Code - I/O devices

By Linux source code, you should mean the Kernel (which handles I/O operations) source code. Because Linux is made of two components, the Kernel & the userland (User Interface).

There is a site for the Linux Kernel at:

Here you can download the kernel & get more information about the kernel, be sure to read the FAQ. You will get many search results if you search in Google.

The one I found filled with information:

This contains information like Linux Kernel Internals. :)