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Linux SuSE 8.2 on Pavilion 5200 laptop

Has anyone gotten the 3D graphics accelerator to work correctly in any linux distro? I have an ATI IGP 350M on the machine which is similar to the ATI IGP 320M and 340M. I have to use VESSA frame buffer graphics, and it just isn't working out, I'm sad to say that unless I get this working soon, I'm going to have to continue being a windows slave.

Also, it comes with the intergrated wireless card, but I can't seem to configure it correctly, I think it detects it, but could it be the infered port instead? How do I tell?

The stupid winmodem is no help, I thought HP is supposed to have Great Linux hardware support, whats going on HP?

Anyway, I can live with the other problems, I just need the graphics driver solution.
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Re: Linux SuSE 8.2 on Pavilion 5200 laptop

That should help you with a driver for the modem.

I wouldn't fire my guns at HP so fast. Many of their laptops and other boxes were designed as Windows only boxes. This was probably a decision to save money.

If I intend a new box for Linux, I see if the Linux vendor supports the box and/or any components. Thats probably why I've never had the problem you are currently experiencing.

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Re: Linux SuSE 8.2 on Pavilion 5200 laptop

You can patch XFree86 4.3.0 to use the radeon driver with a 330/340/350M:

The result isn't 3D accelerated, but the performance is MUCH better than with the vesa driver.

Alternatively you can get full 3D by patching a recent kernel AND patching the XFree86 cvs branch:

The latter approach is quite a bit of effort but seems to work quite well for those of us who have tested it.

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Re: Linux SuSE 8.2 on Pavilion 5200 laptop

First take it easy.
I got a good video config in my laptop almost 3-4 months later after tryng a lot. Just because in many times the default config choosed by OS is 640x480 and it is solved just choosing only 800x600, you must check first your monitor config in SaX2, later you could try all the "M" ATI video card if the update with YOU doesn't updates XFree.

In other hand I am owner of a Compaq Presario with a Conexant modem who works OK in SuSE, just because SuSE 8.2 personal has linux drivers for HSF modems and V90 and V92 check your modem maybe is one of this and the driver is in the CDs.

And About your wireless card did you tryed with network config in YaST?.

Maybe could be usefull if you post your problematic hardware at least.


By the way check ATI site:
I have an armada 1560