Linux Support

Sarah Mokwana
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Linux Support

Hi there

I'll like to find out the ff:

1. Support centre for Linux i.e The Phone numbers and where to log a call (HP internal..what is the queue in WFM)
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Re: Linux Support

I keep getting told by hp support
that they don't support Linux... :-(

Perhaps, its just for pc's...

I'm not too sure what your abbreviations mean...
Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: Linux Support

Hello all,

HP officially supports Linux.

Here in HP Customer Support - France, we have the following support options :

-> Support via phone or ITRC (
The commitment is that the call is taken by a Response Center Engineer at most 2 hours after opened.

-> Personalized Support and Services (PSS).
A dedicated engineer is the customer's priviledged technical contact in HP. His role is to plan pro-active maintenance activities (patch, firmware upgrades) and other additional tasks (knowledge transfer, etc...). He acts as a technical advisor for the customer.

-> Critical System Support (CSS).
The delivery of the PSS (above) plus commitment on a subset of customer systems. In brief, some servers are identified as critical. On these, HP is commited to repair the system in case of problem (software + hardware), and to make sure all pro-active maintenance tasks are actually done.

If you already know the HP-UX or MPE support options, you may notice that Linux support is exactly the same.

If you have already called the HP PC and printer support, you probably know that the word "UNIX" is banned :-o
Therefore, it is also the case for "LINUX" :-(

Good luck.

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Hp-ux / Linux / OmniBack
HP Services - France
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Alex Glennie
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Re: Linux Support

Yep HP certainly does .... there's a linux support route/local resource here in the UK and there's even a WTEC : (World Technical Expert Centre) which I suggest you look at as it's got a lot of useful info on.

WFM = Work Flow Manager (internal HP "tool")

As to a support centre/ team for linux support - I suspect it will depend upon your location in the world and the availablity of local resources and what and where these teams are & are called etc. Your best bet is to touch base with a local response centre or *maybe* approach WTEC via their Feedback link on their web page.