Linux Total Cost of Ownership

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Linux Total Cost of Ownership

Dear all,

I would like to get specific, detailed information on Total Cost of Ownership comparisons between Linux and Windows servers for low end applications (like file and print rather than enterprise databases) and preferably on on HP/Compaq hardware.

I have found a series of articles but none that go into a great deal of detail.

The best one is in Italian. Here is the link.


Damian Hickey
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Peter Kloetgen
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Re: Linux Total Cost of Ownership

Hi Damian,

good morning from germany first of all...

In front of me there is a price list from HP, which was given to me two days ago.

They give us prices for machines, which are exactly identical in hardware, but one difference: Operating system.

--> M$ Win 2000 advanced Server ( limited edition... what the hell is that??? )

--> Linux ( both OSs preinstalled )

The difference in price is exactly: 3259,- Euro, that are round about 3200,- $ !!

Allways stay on the bright side of life!

I'm learning here as well as helping
Paul R. Dittrich
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Re: Linux Total Cost of Ownership

Here's one piece of the answer:
All of our M$ servers have regularly scheduled downtime for rebooting.
Our Linux servers are ignored for months at a stretch and do not have any scheduled downtimes.

dirk dierickx
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Re: Linux Total Cost of Ownership

Hi there,

there are some great white papers available for free download at the redhat website.
you'll find them at this url:

You'll find white papers on various topics, migrating from other platforms to linux and success stories of other firms that have migrated to linux (toyota, amazon,...) return on investment calculations.

exactly the stuff you are looking for it seems.