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Linux and HP pavillion zt1170

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Linux and HP pavillion zt1170

I have tried a couple of linux distros on my laptop (debian and RH 7.3) and I am having problems with the sound.
I am using RH 7.3 and I have the right audio driver, (via82cxxx_audio) but when I try to play anything, it loops the first 3 seconds or so of whatever I play...I'm not really sure what to do to fix it...if any one can think of something I'd appreciate it...
John-Thomas Gaietto
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Re: Linux and HP pavillion zt1170

I've never heard of this issue before with a sound driver. However what you might try is updating your kernel to 2.4.X series which includes a lot of different drivers, also if you don't want to try and update your kernel (which is easily done and there is LOADS of documentation on the net about how-to do this) You might also try OSS (Open Sound System)

Also documentation for installing a 2.4.x kernel

Also you can download the new kernel at

I know this isn't an exact fix but I hope this helps or gives you another Idea. Also I'm not quite sure how 'Linux savvy' you are but if you just want to try a Linux distro with 2.4.x out of the box you can try Slackware 8.1 available at
James McIlhargey
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Re: Linux and HP pavillion zt1170

I have been having the same issue with the zt1190 and the 2.4 kernel.

So far it seems to relate to the APM and ACPI components of the laptop.

I was able to download and compile an updated ACPI kernel driver (one time) and resolve the issue.

Unfortunatly, I have been unable to repeat the process and I am now having the same issue again.
Mark Fenton
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Re: Linux and HP pavillion zt1170

Jenn, I don't have an HP to test, but I always refer to

for reports of solutions to problems with linux on laptops. Most of the experiences for a laptop family will be relavent (but take care that you match the correct component chipsets, as manufactures sometimes will switch pieces between production runs.

Milan Antunovic
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Re: Linux and HP pavillion zt1170

Take a look on this one to>
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