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Linux benchmark tools

Hi exports,

Do you know which is the best benchmark tools under linux? I need CPU,memory,i/o,file system and network benchmark tools.

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Rick Garland
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Re: Linux benchmark tools

If you have the sysstat package loaded then you have the tools such as 'sar' which can provide you with CPU, IO, swap, buffers, etc, those kind of stats.

There are numerous cost packages available as well.

The sysstat package is an RPM package that you can download and install. No cost.

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Re: Linux benchmark tools

Hi Nick,

Try the RRDtool. The official site is ( If you Google it, a lot of very nice scripts will appear.


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C. Beerse
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Re: Linux benchmark tools

I also started to use `sar`. I found the internal-raid of the 'hp-dl380' is not in these statistics, I end up finding the statistics in the /proc filesystem (see `man proc` and just add them to a daily logfile using a crontab-entry that runs every 5 minutes.

Then I created a bunch of scripts to visualize them using gnu-plot.
George Robinson_1
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Re: Linux benchmark tools

What exactly are you wanting to benchmark? For simple performance comparisons, you can still get your hands on Byte's benchmark suite (ByteMark). For disk bottleneck/performance check out Bonnie, and for stressing the kernel, try out IBM's Linux Test Project. (
rick jones
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Re: Linux benchmark tools

George has a very good point - just what do you want to benchmark or do with the benchmarks?

BTW, aren't the byte benchmarks a bit long in the tooth these days? I've heard anectdotal evidence that modern compilers can optimize at least some of it away completely.

For disc I/O I'll put-forth iozone.
For network I/O I'll not so humbly put-forth netperf :)
For CPU you might consider SPECcpu.
For memory - I presume memory bandwidth? - STREAM.

Again though, what is the goal of the benchmarking?
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