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Linux drivers for 6500 System Management Controller

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Linux drivers for 6500 System Management Controller

I've noticed that there is no support for 6500 on RedHat 7.2? When is that coming, or when are you going to make an official announcement that you have ended Linux support for servers older than the 8000/8500 models. I searched the Compaq documentation and found no issues regarding 6500 when I purchased it. But, now, I have no hope of getting cpqhealth working on it becase 1) you won't release the specs for the controller to a project like lm_sensors, 2) you won't release the old source code for cpqhealth for people who would be willing to bring it up to date, 3) you aren't supporting 6500 in your latest releases.

I bought the 6500 as a house network server due to it's reliability and fault-tolerance, and the thing fills my house with the sound of rushing wind. Could you do something officially instead of quietly dropping support?


Mark Schaefer
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Linux drivers for 6500 System Management Controller

This version of redhat is unsupported since
Pentium Pro (Retired)
Pentium II Xeon (Retired 31 August 1999)
Pentium III Xeon (Retired 1 July 2000)
You can try this file
which is not server specific, so it may work with this server, but will be unsupported from Compaq.