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Linux install

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Linux install

Has anyone had any luck putting a Linux distro on there g7-1075dx. I'm having the worst luck. Mostly getting some type of freeze during install.Help please.

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Re: Linux install

Apparently none of the readers of this forum section has tried Linux on that specific model.

But a more detailed description of the problem might allow someone to help anyway.

  • How far into the installation procedure you can get before it freezes?
  • Does it always freeze in the same spot?
  • Have you tried Ctrl-Alt-<function key> combinations to switch virtual consoles? The installation programs of many (most?) Linux distributions will usually provide a shell on one virtual console as soon as possible. Other virtual consoles might contain a log of the actions of the installer: these might be very helpful in figuring out what's failing.
  • Which distribution are you trying to install? Pavilion g7-1075dx seems to be a fairly new model, and trying to install an old distribution version on it might fail because the essential system components are newer than the installer kernel.