Linux on HP NetServer LC2000

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Dan Cheverton
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Linux on HP NetServer LC2000

I am a newbie with Linux but have done a couple of installs on workstation class machines. I'm currently trying to install Redhat 6.1 on a new HP Netserver LC2000. When the install program gets to the point of choosing the type of install it fails with the message "no valid devices were found on which to create new filesystems". The machine has a single 9.1GB Ultra2 SCSI drive attached to a Dual Channell Ultra2 SCSI Controller. It loads DOS with no problem. My understanding is that the LC2000 is on the Linux HCL as certified. Any suggestions?

Tim Malnati
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Re: Linux on HP NetServer LC2000

From Redhat:

My scsi adapter is not being recognized, but it is on the list of supported hardware. What can I do?

First, make sure you have the very latest boot disk from:

Put in the boot disk in the floppy drive:


linux expert

at the boot: prompt after sticking in our boot disk for the installation.

Go into the install, and continue through the SCSI section, being sure to select your proper adapter. After this, you will be prompted with:

Specify Parameters

You should opt to specify parameters for peripherals connected to your adapter. For harddrives, you should do the following:

sda=cyls,heads,sects sdb=cyls,heads,sects

Fill in the numerical values for the number of cylinders, heads, and sectors for your scsi drive 1 & 2.