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Linux on HP's PA-RISC

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Super Advisor

Linux on HP's PA-RISC

Can we install HP's Linux on PA-RISC's system ?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Linux on HP's PA-RISC


There is a website has a lot of PARISC Linux related information.
Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux on HP's PA-RISC

Hi Shiv

Linux for PA-RISC is avaiable as per info provided to you. Following is additional info in terms of hardware support matrix etc...

Alessandro Pilati
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Linux on HP's PA-RISC

Andrew Merritt_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux on HP's PA-RISC

The short answer is no, you can't. This is different from IPF (aka "Integrity" or "Itanium") systems, where HP does support certain Linux versions.

covers the options that HP does support.

The other posters are answering a slightly different question; yes, you can run Linux on PA systems, but not "HP's Linux".

Florian Heigl (new acc)
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux on HP's PA-RISC

Debian Linux will run on most HP9000 systems, but honestly speaking the performance is far from convincing.

Also HP used to offer some Visualize workstations running linux (I saw them at HP show booth in 2000), but I do not know which Linux flavour was used and would assume the effort has died off long ago.
yesterday I stood at the edge. Today I'm one step ahead.
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Re: Linux on HP's PA-RISC

The following link explains about this

Thanks and regards
Respected Contributor

Re: Linux on HP's PA-RISC

Even if you can I would stick with HPUX. The Linux is still buggy.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux on HP's PA-RISC

And HP-UX has zero bugs? Come on...
dirk dierickx
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux on HP's PA-RISC

there is no 'hp linux', on any platform, but linux has parisc support available.

still, not sure if you would want to do it though. i'm an advocate, and i must confess that parisc support is not 100%, at least don't expect a trouble free ride.

so the answer is; yes you can, but expect to put some effort in it (and don't run production on it - ofcourse, on other architectures linux is great).
Florian Heigl (new acc)
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux on HP's PA-RISC

here is a short snippet of information:

(but, still: it's a waste, unless You want to make use of linux-supported hardware[*])

[*]visualize fx5 and fx10 are said to have linux drivers by hp, which might be 'a bit outdated'
yesterday I stood at the edge. Today I'm one step ahead.
Valued Contributor

Re: Linux on HP's PA-RISC

I am running Linux on Intel and HPUX on PARISC. I'd consider a couple additional things in this "scenario".. Is this going to house a mission critical app, or is it just for "testing/experimentation". Time testing of an OS on any platform takes time. I've "experimented" with OS releases for Linux, BSD on several hardware platforms but only for experimentation purposes.

In a system critical scenario I go with known values. For DNS, Proxy, Radius Authentication and "I"nternet related items I stick with Redhat on Intel, for database server on RISC I will stick with something where my company can "purchase" guaranteed support.
I've been down a couple roads that have cost us dearly because of the "support" issue. Believe when your job is on the line and you tried to cut costs upfront it will bit you in the butt later on.

I'd ask a couple things as an IS mgr.

Is support available in the event this employee is no longer with the company?

Is this "OS" supported by the hardware vendor?

and what is the cost / benefit from varying from the norm?

If you are "just playing" then the Open Source community is a great place for defining alternatives. But if your ass is to the fire when this thing goes down, you want support, guaranteed. Been there, done that..

System V Un*x OSs are virtually similar acrossed the board, I've put BSD on a SPARC before and RH9 on a DEC Vax, each time I went outside the boundary so to speak I wound up coming back to center.

Just a few thoughts from someone that's been down the pipe for 15 yrs.