Linux on HP ze5200 series

Joaquin Mascarua
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Linux on HP ze5200 series

I have just purchased an HP ze5200 (5270) (P4 @ 2.4 Ghz, 512 RAM, 40GB HDD, etc)
Yesterday I have installed Red Hat Linux 7.3 and recompiled the kernel (2.4.20) in order have ACPI support, and USB support for now.

Has anyone tried Linux on this laptop (series).

I will be posting the results.

If someone wants help to install Linux, I will be glad to help.
Best regards.

p.d. I posted this message on the "general" category. If you think it should be anywhere else, let me know.
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Re: Linux on HP ze5200 series

I bought HP pavilion ze5200 (custom build). I am trying to load RH 8.0. The problem is as follows
I get the initial screen
I press enter and then it goes ahead and boots up. After that it load a "ohci1394 driver" and than the PCI driver. After that a message comes stating "To begin testing the CD media before installation press Ok"
But at this moment the keyboard stops responding. Pressing any key has no effect on the screen.

Do you have any idea about the problem.

On the keyboard it say ALTEC Lansing.

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Re: Linux on HP ze5200 series

RE: Lockup when asking to check CD medium

The problem is that linux is not recognizing your keyboard properly. It will not correctly identify a PS/2 keyboard plugged into the unit, either. (A USB one may work, but I didn't have one handy when this happened on my ze4200)

The solution is: go to the BIOS, and disable legacy USB device support. Now your keyboard will work fine.
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Richard Stock
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Re: Linux on HP ze5200 series

at the point where you hit enter, type linux nousb and then hit enter.
The problem seems to be a conflict that resolves itself without problem once the install is complete.
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Re: Linux on HP ze5200 series

I installed Slackware 9.0 on my ze5200 laptop. Display works fine .
1. Mouse pad is also ok for drag and click.
But double click is not working. Also the one arrangement for scroll up and down is not working

2. The sound volume is very low. I cant increase the sound using the + - buttons provided with the laptop

3. Also I cant use the function keys. I checked only fn+pageup to increase the volume

I did not compile the kernel so far

Any suggestions?
Bruce Copeland
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Re: Linux on HP ze5200 series

Most of the HP ze4000/ze5000 series behave similarly under Linux. You can look at my Linux ze4100 site for a discussion of some of the issues surrounding functions keys, scroll pad, etc.

Note that models with the AMD athlon typically require the omnikeys module in order to enable all the function keys.