Linux on HP3000?

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Linux on HP3000?

Hey everyone,

This may be a stupid question, but is there a port or something available to let you run Linux or a UNIX-like operating system on an HP3000?

I have a 927LX, 947LX and 959KS/200 sitting around, and I do not know anything about MPE/iX.

Can anyone point me somewhere, tell me that it cannot be done, or tell me that I am an idiot for asking?

Anything would really be appreciated,
Andrew Pope.
Philip P. Hartl
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Re: Linux on HP3000?

MPEiX has a posix shell and posix file structures available. The command is SH. Note that the standard MPEiX file structures are available under the posix shell but modified to comform to the posix standards, for example EDITOR.PUB.SYS would be /SYS/PUB/EDITOR. Also be aware that although MPEiX is not case sensitive the posix shell is. There are several manuals concerning this. Check
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Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: Linux on HP3000?

Hello Andrew,

Your question can be interpreted in 2 ways :

-> Are HP3000 machines capable of running other OSes than MPEiX ?

The answer is YES ! In fact, you should know that HP3000 and HP9000 systems are more or less the same machines, and the only differences are related to system board (some models) or PDC (the equivalent of BIOS on PCs).

To install HP-UX or Linux on HP3000, you may need a HP3000 to HP9000 conversion kit (ask your HP distributor). According to Linux on PA-Risc based architectures, go to :

-> Is there a possibility of running Linux in a MPEiX system already booted ?

The answer is definitely no. There are emulators for running Linux under Windows or Windows under Linux, but only on PCs. MPEiX O/S has been design for enterprise data management, and only for that. There are probably some software kits to run MS-DOS under MPEiX, but MS-DOS is not Linux :-)

Good luck,


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rainer doelker
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Re: Linux on HP3000?


usually an HP-3000 system is able to run both HP-UX and MPE. (A HP3000 is usually an enhanced HP9000 - enhanced to fun MPE the proprietary OS from HP)

Depending on what you want to do with the machine, I would guess that MPE does save more resources than a Unix does. MPE is mainly used for Database-Servers.

Regarding the configuration of the HP3000 (I guess there is something to do in BootAdmin [ss-config] ) and the sizing of the machines for hpux I would recommend that you contact your local response center.

Regarding Linux on PA-RISC (which is in a 3000 as well) you may check

Hope this helps