Linux on Itanium-2

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Linux on Itanium-2

Hi, all

We have just bought Itanium-2 machines, I bootup the machines with Linux enablement Kit CD, system asking me for Linux distribution media, when i insert Linux installable CD, it's failing to take off, does anybody knows which is the site to download the Linux (united) to be installed on HP Itanium-2 machines.

thanx in advance

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Patrick Wallek
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Re: Linux on Itanium-2

As far as I know you can't download Linux for Itanium 2 machines. I believe you have to buy it. You should be able to get it from HP. If your CD is bad, contact HP and see if you can get a new one.

Check out these 2 pages:
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Re: Linux on Itanium-2

Hi, Patrick

Thanx for ur response,

we no need to buy, it's downloadable. Our UK lab guys have done this, unfortunately no one is available there to talk about this,

i will be posting the URL here, once i got to know.

Mean time, i thought somebody in ITRC will be knowing :-)
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John Collier
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Re: Linux on Itanium-2


Are you simply looking for the Linux that will run on a 64 bit RISC platform, or is there a specific Linux build that I am not aware of for the new I2 platform?
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Re: Linux on Itanium-2


I downloaded from (for itanium-2) and is working well.

note: externals can't access this site, it's meant only for IBM people
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David Ritchie
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Re: Linux on Itanium-2

You can use jigdo to download a IA-64 Debian distribution. Look at in the
following locations: Introduction to jigdo,
a program to build iso images from seperate files. This reduces problems caused by failed transfers of ISO files, etc.

distribution directory for ia64 debian port...
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Re: Linux on Itanium-2


I must warn you that HP can is concern about regarding licens issues. I think you forgot that you are in HP webiste and not IBM.
So please make sure that you are not violading other vendor's internal licenses.
Maybe in India these things are not importamt but here in US we care. we have enough problems and do not want to be sued by others.

Linux for Itanium is licensed and should not be distrubuted!!!
Watch what you are doing.

Krishna Prasad
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Re: Linux on Itanium-2

Doesn't HP/IBM ( or anyone else) have to at least publish the source code for Linux on Itanium? I don't think any vendor can license any distro without publishing the source!
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Linux on Itanium-2

The source code MUST be included under the GNU license. That applies to any source code HP/IBM took from the public domain.

If they went out and invented something new(Ignite for Linux?!), they don't have to publish the source code.

Including the source code doesn't mean its free.

I've poked around and there

To address the original question, I've done considerable poking around at and can't find a search button or a download page.

It would appear to get UnitedLinux sepcifically, a purchase will have to be made. If its GNU it will come with source and you can change and distribute it to your hearts content.

United Linus refers you to SUSE or SCO


A look at Red Hat's download mirror site shows a few sites with Itanium Distributions:

Sorry this took so long, serious multi tasking in Chicago today.


Steven E Protter
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Re: Linux on Itanium-2


If you buy the machines just connect to the
HP and they should give you the installation
CD's for.