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Linux on VT6200 - Audio Chipset

New Member

Linux on VT6200 - Audio Chipset

i've tried different distros (Suee 8.0 pro ,Suse 8.1 Pro, Redhat 8.0, Debian 3.0, Knoppix etc...) And i've found just real problem: there is no way to get the audio susbsystem working! The chipset is recognized as a Ali 51... don't remember, but the module can't be loaded.
Want to know if anyone has had a similar trouble, e and if exist a way to solve!
If you need more info just mail me!
Thanks in advance
Burri Marc
New Member

Re: Linux on VT6200 - Audio Chipset


Go to and follow the link to download the Linux Audio driver.
You have to replace the Trident module not the ALI5xx. I'm running it on my vt6200 with Suse8.1 and Gentoo 1.4r1 installed and it's working.