Re: Linux on my Pavilion zt1000

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Linux on my Pavilion zt1000

Is it possible (or advisable) to install Linux on my notebook Pavilion zt1000 running Windows XP? Would I have to partition the drive to run both OS? What issues do you see?

Christoph Rothe_3
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Re: Linux on my Pavilion zt1000


yes you will at least have to have one empty partition.

If you REALLY want you could use a bootable floppy disk (see SYSLINUX) and use loopback filesystems (=files on a FAT-partition which act as filesystems for linux) or you could use the UMSDOS filesystem.

I would not prefer one of those solutions as they are not really fast or relyiable but to play around with linux they should be enough.



Ted Bannon_1
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Re: Linux on my Pavilion zt1000

There's another alternative, but it's not necessarily one you're interested in: You might try installing VMWare 3.1 and running your Linux installation from within VMWare. VMWare has an option to allow you to create your Linux installation partitions as files managed by VMWare itself.

Disadvantages of such a scheme obviously include being unable to dual-boot as the Linux installation would be dependent up VMWare running in Windows. And VMWare is $300/copy or so. I haven't tried the file partition scheme myself.

Partition Magic and Disk Drake (a Mandrake Linux installation tool) will allow you to resize existing partitions, I think, as long as your data is compacted towards one end or the other. I normally use RedHat so I'm not too up to date on other Linux distro features.

Hope that helps a little and good luck!
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Re: Linux on my Pavilion zt1000

If you haven't already, check out the Linux on Laptops [] website.

They have a lot of information for tons of models.

Aaron Zabell
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Re: Linux on my Pavilion zt1000

I currently have WinXP, Win98se and RedHat 8.0 installed on my system zt1000. I would recommend getting Partition Magic from Powerquest and using it to get your HD ready for the Linux install. Very important:: BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. Things can go wrong and go wrong at the wrong time. ;)

Also a great place to get some info is here...

Someone has done all the work for us and all we need to do is follow the instructions. weee.

Hope you get it going.