Linux on the Pavilion zd7000

Matthew Coats
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Linux on the Pavilion zd7000

Just ordered a zd7000, I plan on removing M$-XP and installing Linux (Suse 8.2). Has anyone attempted this? Any problems? I ordered the NVidia 5600 video card and didn't order the wireless card (Linux support?). No info on google; latop is too new

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Linux on the Pavilion zd7000

The cart is before the horse.

You should have taken the configuration to the Suse web site and checked hardware support first.

Or you could have read through prior posts on this hardware and found out how many people have had issues with Linux.

There is no motivation(too bad) on HP's part to make sure this hardware works with Linux on pre-installed XP systems.

I give you my 99% guarantee, something will give you trouble.

Video problems are quite common. The modem is probably a winmodem which won't have Linux drivers. You will have to go to to get drivers.

At least when you order a wireless card, look for the little Linux Pengiun, indicating support.

Good Luck.

Have fun.

If you get it all working, post a worksheet, you will help other head bangers. I do apologize if I offended you. I was trying to be humorous. My attempts in this area frequently fail.

Steven E Protter
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Mark Grant
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Re: Linux on the Pavilion zd7000

It would seem that the Nvidia 5600 is actually supported on Linux which surprises me. The Nvidia drivers are actually quite good though "taint" the kernel as they are not GPL.

You will probably need to install the video as an SVGA compatible whilst installing Suse and download the Nvidia stuff afterwards.

Having said all this, SEP is correct that even now, it is important to check for hardware support before purchasing when you intend to install Linux.
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Matthew Coats
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Re: Linux on the Pavilion zd7000


I did try to research Linux support before I placed my order (won't ship for weeks, can be cancealed). The laptop is just to new.
Anyway, I don't think I will have to much trouble. It has an NVidia video (3D Linux drivers availible).It has 16 - bit sound Blaster Pro compatible sound chipset (S/B no problem). Don't buy the wireless card. I would have and my change my order if it's supported.

If someone with a Zd7000, that is running Linux or could boot Knoppix, could run # cat /proc/pci and or cat /proc/ioports.

Am interested in the USB, Network, and Sound chipsets. Or post the complete read out.