Linux problems on laptop

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David O'Hare
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Linux problems on laptop

I have installed Red Hat Linux 9 on a Packard Bell Easy Note laptop. When i have finished installing it says congratulatons etc and tells me to reboot the system to begin. I do this and everything starts up ok, i then get a black screen with white writing while it performs various checks. The writing then starts scrolling very fast which i have read is supposed to happen. Unfortunately this doesn't stop, eventually it will just restart and do it again. I have noticed that while it is doing the checks it puts "ok" in green letters after various stages. One of the stages, though, has the word "Failed" in red letters. This happens just before the scrolling starts and is a job to see what it says but i think it has something to do with ip tables. I will be grateful for any advice given.

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Re: Linux problems on laptop

The way to see what is going on is to invoke this interactively ... that is type i when the kernel has finish to load and before the various parameter, modules, setup etc starts...
you just a few seconds to do this !

after that just say yes to most of the questions but say's no when you get to the one giving you problem..

If you still have problem, keep us informed

It so happens I also have a PB igo laptop that run RH 9.0

J-P (also as you are new this is your first question here read the part about points in your mail, thanks )

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Linux problems on laptop

If you are write about iptables, try this:

Boot the machine into non-graphics mode(interupt the boot process).

vi /etc/sysconfig/iptables

comment out everything.

See what happens there.

You actually can go to the various bootup scripts and add a sleep command to make them scroll more slowly.

Steven E Protter
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