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Linux64 driver for A6795A FC card

Martin Knoblauch
Occasional Contributor

Linux64 driver for A6795A FC card


we are in urgent need of a Linux driver for the A6795A FC card in a rx5670. I am aware that this is not a HP supported combination right now, but that is what we need.

Apparently the "cpqfc" driver is able to recognize the card, but that is the end to it.

As the card is based on the Agilent Tachyon XL2 chipset, we tried to find something there, but no success.

So, any suggestions are very welcome.

If the A6795A adaptor cannot be made work with Linux, what would be (HP supported) alternatives?

Just that you are paranoid doesn't mean we are not after you !!!
Paul R. Dittrich
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Linux64 driver for A6795A FC card

I know that Emulex and Qlogic cards are supported fairly well under Linux.

I'd try the Linux newgroups.