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Re: List of common mistakes

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List of common mistakes

Hi all,

Is there a list on common mistakes to be avoided while performing system admin tasks on HP-UX ?

Dennis Handly
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Re: List of common mistakes

Make sure you are in the right directory when removing directory trees.
Make sure you are on the right machine before rebooting.
Be vary cautious when using "chown/chmod -R".
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Re: List of common mistakes

Remember you are root before you do anything!!!

you may be so experienced, still you can make typo. Recheck each command before you run it.

verify thrice , before you use -R

Never do the changes in which you have doubt!!

More important: Never deviate from the process defined by your firm. They will forgive you for manual errors but not for deviating from the process..

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Kapil Jha
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Re: List of common mistakes

1. take huge care of tar files, just think twice how tar files has been created specially if given by any other people.

>> tar does not ask anything it just replace.

2. never use * with rm commands in any way.

3. don be too fast in doing things take your time.

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P Arumugavel
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Re: List of common mistakes


Using SAM reduces the complexity of most administration tasks. SAM minimizes or eliminates the need for detailed knowledge of many administration commands, thus saving valuable time. Use SAM whenever possible, especially when first mastering a task. Some tasks cannot be done by SAM, in which case you will need to use the HP-UX commands. Sometimes you will need to use commands manually for troubleshooting and specialized tasks However, SAM is the tool of choice for most administration work.

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R.K. #
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Re: List of common mistakes


1. While performing any activity, record everything using "script" command to have details of each and every step/output and/or increase the buffer size of the window depending on the situation. This will help troubleshoot the problem if anything goes wrong in the activity.

2. Sometimes, we as root will be working on a terminal and will use previous command keys (ctrl+k) to immediately execute the last command. But if someone else is also logged in as root, he may be running some other commands. So we would, by mistake run the last command (issued by another user). Bottomline, if you are using "ctrl+k" key for using previous commands, have a look on them before executing.

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Re: List of common mistakes

Hi Manoj,

Yes, all can avoid common mistakes while doing system admin tasks.
1) We should more attention to work while running any command.
2)While rebooting or shutdown the server check the hostname and IP address to verify ur working on correct system.
3)While flushing the mount points also we should assure that we are on correct system before u do that.
4)While taking clone also u should be careful.
5)While remove directory dont use * unless ur confident to do that.
6)While chmod/chown check ur on correct directory where u want to change otherwise u will land in trouble.

Experience is the BEST Teacher, U should learn from ur mistakes, not to repeat it.

Hope ur query resolved.
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Vishnu Khandare
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V. Nyga
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Re: List of common mistakes

Be sure your backup is up-to-date and readable.
UX has no trash can, so what you delete is deleted.

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Jan van den Ende
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Re: List of common mistakes

-- NEVER -- log in AS root; only su into root, WITH a trace. AND MAKE SURE THAT IS TRUE FOR EVERYONE: block direct login to root as soon as system is not single-user.
Of course I am now writing about systems that have multiple people with kernel-level access.

(even the concept of the need to login as root makes me a little sick. Other OSes have facilities to grant enhanced rights to selected individuals. THAT makes tracing much easier, and responsibilities much clearer).


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Aneesh Mohan
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Re: List of common mistakes

Hi Manoj,

A few from me here..

(a) Always refer syslog for any error related to system before start looking in to the issue.

(b) Prepare an Action Plan ,Roll back Plan and Identify the Risks involved and Plan to Mitigate the risks before doing any major change.

(c) Always capture the below o/p before reboot the box.

swapinfo -tam
strings /etc/lvmtab
grep initdefault /etc/inittab

(d) Do changes one at a time during trobleshooting

(e) Update latest patches (double stared ones) ,qualerly and update HW firmwares yearly.

Thanks for initiating a this thread,this is a good experience sharing thread.

With Regards,