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Listener error on Oracle !

Ivan Azuara
Regular Advisor

Listener error on Oracle !

Hi !

I have a problem when i want to start the listener of my applications. The message is the next:

TNSLSNR for HPUX: Version - Production on 30-OCT-2003 13:10:02

(c) Copyright 1999 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

System parameter file is /ORACLE2/oracle/v806/network/admin/listener.ora
Log messages written to /oracle_trace/liste/listener1.log

TNS-12546: TNS:permission denied
TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
TNS-00516: Permission denied
HPUX Error: 13: Permission denied

Somebody have any idea ?

Thanks in advance !
"Enjoy the life .."
Bryan D. Quinn
Respected Contributor

Re: Listener error on Oracle !


I am not an Oracle wiz/dba, but I do have Oracle running on my systems here. Check the permissions on your tnsnames.ora. On my systems here, the permissions are as follows:

-rwxrwxr-- ora{SID} dba tnsnames.ora

Also, make sure that the host ip address and SID are correct in tnsnames.ora. Also make sure that the ip address for the host is in the /etc/hosts file. I think this could cause you some issues also. As well, I would glance over your listener.ora and make sure things matched up in there.

Hope this helps!
Ivan Azuara
Regular Advisor

Re: Listener error on Oracle !

Ok, thanks !

I resolved the problem changing the permissions on /tmp file system to 777. Is strange that i had 640 before.

Thank´s in advance
"Enjoy the life .."