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Load Average going high

bijoy k

Load Average going high

Hi Gurus...

It is observed that one of our N4000 Server
got issues with more Load Average. I know that the Load Average can be resulted due to more resource utilisation , but can anyone tell me
how can we check , whether the resources ( memory , CPU , cache ) are utilised without any
memory leakages. Server is basically used for running Databases

I need to understand , what are the unwanted process , which may exist in the Server and utilise the Server resources.

pls let me know , if I need to refer to any logs of the Server.

Quick response to this query is highly appreciated , if my input is not enough , pls shout in the forum..

Many thanks...


Wouter Jagers
Honored Contributor

Re: Load Average going high


Should you have glance, fire it up.
Its graphical version is gpm.

This is a great tool when troubleshooting performance issues, since it provides you with a live view on your machine's activities.

Hope that helps,
an engineer's aim in a discussion is not to persuade, but to clarify.