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Load Balancing - Duplicates

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Load Balancing - Duplicates

I am running a process that needs to now run on multiple instance to balance the load. The Process takes a row from the input table and ... processes it and writes to a output table. When i go for multiple instance
i have a problem of multiple process processing the same row. How can this be avoided ... i have some more issues on the same lines... Is there any resource where i can look for such kind of issues.
Michael Steele_2
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Re: Load Balancing - Duplicates

Sounds very much like synchronous writing vs. asychronous, which is a common enough application problem. And inter process communication which is a semaphore relation. But all of this is resolved via code within the application.

You should be able to detect this with some performance reports. Here are the most useful. (* Note disk and I/O activity with -d and CPU resources with -m *)

sar -d 5 5
sar -m 5 5
sar -v 5 5
vmstat 5 5
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Brian Crabtree
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Re: Load Balancing - Duplicates


Can you doa quick outline of your current enviroment and what you are looking at for the future? (ie: OPS/RAC cluster, replication, etc).