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Login in to a Unix BOx

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Login in to a Unix BOx

Is it Possible to telnet in to any UNix box using a Linux using a Portmap or any other way with out using a Passwd .
Please help me out on this
Thanks In advance
Alex Nygren_1
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Re: Login in to a Unix BOx

As opposed to using telnet, you might try ssh with a public key/private key pair. This will allow you to authenticate securely without passwords from trusted accounts.

The computer you are connecting to must be running the sshd daemon process.

Check the openssh faq:


Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: Login in to a Unix BOx


Secure Shell (SSH) seems to be a valuable solution for you.

To learn more about it :

When the client contacts the server, they use Diffie-Hellman key agreement to establish a "session key", ie a temporary key to be used to encrypt the exchange. Hence, the system can be configured to use the user's private/public key pair to authenticate. This key can be optionally protected by a password.

If you want a user to authenticate without typing his password, just configure SSH and generate keys without password protection.

Good luck.

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Nicolas Portais
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Re: Login in to a Unix BOx


look at this site which explains how to setup ssh2 to login without password:

Robert Thorneycroft
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Re: Login in to a Unix BOx

You could also use the standard remote shell rsh if you are running on a secure network.
In this case just add an entry for the machine you wish to log in from on to the target machines .rhosts file.

Kind regards,

Robert Thorneycroft
John Meissner
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Re: Login in to a Unix BOx

when I want to telnet into a unix box from my RedHat Linux box I use expect. Install expect (it's on the install cd most likely for your distribution) and then type:

autoexpect -f filename telnet servername

go through the login proceedure and when done hit ctrl + d to stop.
this will create the file Once this is done you need to edit the and remove some of the unnecessary text (datestamp and such). once you are done you will be able to change the hostname to match any server you want to log into. Then you can set up icons to click on and telnet into. I'm attaching a file that you can use as a template or example.
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