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Lotus Domino R5 and HP-UX

Kalwies, Artur
Occasional Contributor

Lotus Domino R5 and HP-UX

Dear Forum Members,
we are running HP-UX 11 and Lotus Domino R4.6.3. We have to move to Domino R5. Unfortunately there is not much documentation about tuning HPUX as well as Domino R5 together for large user numbers. I am looking for a site which is also running this software.
We are running a partitioned server with 6 partitions and a overall of 5000 users on two K370/5 in connection with MC ServiceGuard.
If anyone can give hints about kernel configuration, shared memory configuration and relevant environment variables as well as notes.ini parameters - please contact me via email at:

Thanks in advance.

Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: Lotus Domino R5 and HP-UX

Were running 4630 on 11.X without any problems. Were not running anywhere as many users as you intend but ive attached our notes.ini file anyway for you to look at.

Notes is big on Semaphores and Shared Memory so I remember we had to boost these kernel parameters quite high - you will need to do the same. If you intend so many users you will need to bump up the usual parameters for this, nproc, maxuprc, nfile, ninode etc. With so many users your I/O is going to be heavy, make sure you stripe your lvols across as many controllers and disks as you can. Mail servers always benefit a lot from this.
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