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MC SG Scripts

MC SG Scripts

Is there a Script Ressource for Oracle with MC SG Configurations?

We are using 9i.
Steve Steel
Honored Contributor

Re: MC SG Scripts


9i what

HA products newsletter kmine: HPUXHAKBNL00000421 saying Oracle9iAS is not supported wih MC Serviceguard by HP, but is directly supported by Oracle.

Steve Steel
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Brian Crabtree
Honored Contributor

Re: MC SG Scripts


Overall, there is no difference in the setup for 8i to 9i with MC SG, they both run fine. I believe that HP provides a monitoring script (if that is what you want) as part of the MC SG package, normally called

Otherwise, I would recommend placing your normal start and stop scripts in the "customer" start and halt script areas in the package control file.


Re: MC SG Scripts

Thanks for the responses.

Dear Steve,

we are installing Oracle Enterprise Edition. No Application Server will be used.

Dear Brian,

we are concerned about how to communicate to MCSG that the Database has crashed. We are planning to create a Script that connects to the Database and makes a select on a Table (input and Delete too). Basically this verifies that the Database is "really" available as opposed to a Database with all the Processes being present but not responding for some reason.

We will look into the Script that you mentioned. Thanks

Robert Gamble
Respected Contributor

Re: MC SG Scripts

What about an 'oracle ping' script ? Basically a monitor script (as an MC/SG service) that actually queries the database on intervals checking for 'real' availabilty ?

Hope that idea helps!
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: MC SG Scripts

See '' script in :

Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit

Product B5139DA--Version B.01.08--Software and License

I don't have a download link so you'll have to call HP pre-sales.
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Re: MC SG Scripts

Dear Robert,

thanks for the idea. However a plain "Ping" via "tnsping" or else will not ultimately verify the availability of the Database. There I suggested the Creation of a little Script that will actually connec to the DaBA and query, input and delete data on a Test Table...

Dear Michael,

thanks, we will look into that product.
Ionut Grigorescu_2
Super Advisor

Re: MC SG Scripts


maybe you want for example to monitor the oracle processes.Please find enclosed the oracle monitor script we used for the db package on our system - we don't have 9i but maybe you can make an idea how to build the script.

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Joaquin Gil de Vergara
Respected Contributor

Re: MC SG Scripts

Be carefull!

Use last versions from Enterprise Master Toolkit (June 2002 or later)

Earlier versions of script (8i) controls oracle with svrmgrl and this is not supported in 9i. New script uses sqlplus.

Good Luck!
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