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MFG/PRO DB(Pregress) Problem

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Trusted Contributor

MFG/PRO DB(Pregress) Problem

I use MFG/Pro (Pregress 6.1). The DB size is about 1.5G.
I must generate a large table (about 1000000 records) every week. And next week this records must be removed, and generate new 1000000 records......
The thing trouble me so much is that after I delete all old records the DB size keep the same. And thus the DB size will increase 60M or so every week.
I want an easy way to reduce the DB size after I remove old records. Thus the DB size will not increase so fast.
Would anybody tell me where I can download such tool or how can I do this?

With many thanks!!!!!!
Paula J Frazer-Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: MFG/PRO DB(Pregress) Problem


Are you deleting within MFG/PRO or at the unix level.

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Darrell Allen
Honored Contributor

Re: MFG/PRO DB(Pregress) Problem

Hi Gerald,

I'm no expert in Progress but my DBA says you have to dump and reload to reclaim that space. Apparantly there isn't a database compaction utility in Progress.

I don't think this should be causing your DB to grow every week. When you first add the 1000000 records, your DB should grow. When you delete those records, the space is not returned to the OS however it is available to the DB for re-use.

Lastly, you're running an old version of Progress and apparantly Mfg/Pro. Perhaps an upgrade would be in order.

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Keely Jackson
Trusted Contributor

Re: MFG/PRO DB(Pregress) Problem


There isn't an easy way to reduce the database size in Progress, as stated earlier the only way is a dump and reload, followed by rebuilding the indexes which is tedious and time consuming.

With MFG/Pro you can set it up so that you can have a separate user defined database which links into the Mfg/Pro one. Depending on what these records are used for, you could consider defining and writing them to the separate db. Then you would only have to worry about the space for that one - ideally size it to last a year or so - and when you have to dump/reload to tidy up, you do not need to worry about all the normal mfg data as well.

Also, do the records need to go into the db or could they be in a flat file.

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Honored Contributor

Re: MFG/PRO DB(Pregress) Problem


why don't you create a history database or implement a routine purging procedure that will either delete old records and/or send them to the history database.

The history database will be up only during the purging/moving of "old data" operation.

Best Regards
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