MSA1000 support for RHEL 5.1

Ricardo Arguello
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MSA1000 support for RHEL 5.1

Does anybody know when HP is going to release drivers for RHEL 5.1?

I need to install a MSA1000 SAN, and when I try to install the drivers (RPM) it reports my kernel is not supported (2.6.18-53). The only supported kernel appears to be 2.6.18-8.

I called HP and they couldn't tell me *when* RHEL5.1 is going to be supported. Any ideas, besides reinstalling everything with RHEL 5.0?


Ricardo Arguello
Steven E. Protter
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Re: MSA1000 support for RHEL 5.1


In general it takes 30-90 days for HP to support a new Red Hat Update. This is because they actually spend some time doing real Quality Assurance. They also make some code changes.

This is a good thing because it provides you some protection from bad code.

You can go with a 5.0 installation and use yum to update to 5.1 when HP support for the kernel is available.

Suggestion: Patience will be rewarded.

Steven E Protter
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Ricardo Arguello
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Re: MSA1000 support for RHEL 5.1

The problem I have is that I need to use virtualization, and all my domUs are already created and configured as 5.1 domUs.

Since I can't run a paravirtualized 5.1 domU inside a 5.0 dom0, this leaves me with one of these options:

- Recreating every application server (domU) in 5.0.
- Wait for 5.1 support and stop using the SAN until that happens.