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MSA1510i spare management


MSA1510i spare management

I have a raid 10 set (12 disks + 2 spares), using two cabinets for redundancy (7 disks each cabinet, 6 active and 1 as spare).
If I turn off a cabinet, the other one works, and when I turn on again the cabinet, in a few minutes raid is recreated automatically.

Now one disk went fault, and spare disk was automatically picked on the other cabinet.
I was hoping MSA1510i would use a spare in the same cabinet, it would be more logical!
Any way to force this behaviour, using a spare disk in the same cabinet?

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA1510i spare management

I have not seen any mechanism to influence that behaviour. But if you replace the failed drive the system should go into the original state so the situation is not permanent.